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Desperate Housewives: New Boys in the ‘Hood

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They’re heeeere. In Sunday night’s Desperate Housewives (9 p.m. ET, ABC), we meet new neighbors Bob and Lee, a gay couple from the big city whose move onto Wisteria Lane immediately stirs the pot of drama stew!

“Susan is so desperate to be nice, she puts her foot in her mouth and pisses them off,” DH creator Marc Cherry tells TV Guide. “She and Lee become instant enemies.”

Also rankling the neighborhood ladies: A noisy lawn statue/water fountain Bob and Lee put in their front yard. Katherine hates the fountain, while Lynette thinks it’s none of Katherine’s business, which sets off a way between the two women that leads them to challenge each other to become the leader of the homeowner’s association.

And the fellas don’t take kindly to Katherine’s nosy ways, which prompts them to scope out her secret for a little blackmail fodder.

Fun behind-the-scenes fact: Cherry has said Bob and Lee were inspired loosely by his own neighbors.

So, tell us: Is DH better than it’s been since its premiere season? Is it on your must-see-TV list this fall? –Kimberly Potts