People Staff
December 01, 2007 12:00 AM

If John Slattery’s Victor on Desperate Housewives seems familiar, it’s because he’s donned the civil servant suit before. “They see you do that one thing and think, ‘That guy can play a politician!’” Slattery tells Entertainment Weekly. “It has nothing to do with me. I am not a leader of men.” That may be true, but he’s certainly played one–again and again–on TV. Let’s take a look at Slattery’s political record:

Desperate Housewives: Slattery’s mayoral hack, Victor Lang, has Gaby running straight into the arms of ex Carlos. •Sex and the City: As N.Y.C. politician Bill Kelley, Slattery put a politically erect kink in Carrie’s romantic plans. •From the Earth to the Moon: The HBO miniseries featured Slattery as Sen. Walter Mondale. •K Street: Slattery’s Tommy Flanegan was a political consultant on the short-lived HBO series about lobbyists.

But we do like him as the deliciously crooked Victor Lang on DH. But tell us: Do you think he’ll he survive Sunday’s two-part tornado episode? –Jane Boursaw


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