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Desperate Housewives: Here Comes the Frankenbaby!

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Photo: Mark Davis/Getty

Just when you think there’s kooky territory the women of Wisteria Lane haven’t explored, they go ahead and have Frankenstein deliver a teenage mother’s baby.

On last night’s Halloween-themed DH, Bob and Lee threw a totally tricked-out All Hallows Eve costume soiree, and the whole ‘hood turned out (despite the fact that no one, as Lee put it, even likes them). Pregnant Danielle, never missing an opportunity to defy Bree, showed up at the party dressed as Bree, and in the midst of squabbling with her mama, her water broke!

After swearing to keep Bree’s faux bun in the oven a secret, Adam, who was dressed as Frankenstein, delivered Danielle’s little boy. The Scavo kids, who were peeping into the window while trick-or-treating, may never recover from the sight of seeing Frankenstein holding a goo-covered baby . . . Meanwhile, Lynette got great news: She’s in recovery! This info came too late for the poor garden-dwelling possum who was standing in as a somewhat clumsy metaphor for her cancer, but it did provide one of the night’s best exchanges, as Lynette sought Bree’s counsel on a weapon to rid herself of the pest.

Bree: I suggest you get an air rifle. It won’t kill it, but it’ll sting it enough to keep it away for good. Lynette: Perfect. Where can I get one? Bree: Try Gun City on Route 6 by the Baptist church. Tell them I sent you, and they’ll give you a nice discount.

And speaking of dodging bullets, Susan’s afraid she’s going to have to struggle to miss one coming her way. Mike ‘fessed up that he’d lied about his father being dead; Papa Delfino is actually in jail for having murdered his boss when Mike was a teen, which led him to warn Susan that Mike’s still carrying demons that might prevent him from ever being happy.

Still not enough tricks in the belated Halloween installment? How about the look on Victor’s face when Edie gave him photographic evidence that Gaby and Carlos are fling-ing again? The cruel revelation came the morning after Victor had told Gaby he was willing to give up his political career to save their marriage.

Which led us to next week’s previews, when Victor confronts Gaby about the affair, prompting her to knock him overboard from the boat they’re on . . .

Tell us: Do you think Gaby offs Victor on the boat? And how long do you think Bree and Orson are going to get away with passing off their grandchild as their son? –Kimberly Potts

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty