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November 26, 2007 12:00 AM

Oh, what tangled webs the women of Wisteria Lane weave when first they practice to deceive. On last night’s episode:

Gaby and Carlos wanted to think they’d gotten away with murder–well, okay, self-defense–but Victor’s body washed ashore, and the cops are hot on the trail of why his boat was found floating and abandoned at sea. Edie heard Victor was missing and called the cops with her suspicions that he’s dead, and when Carlos insisted on turning himself and Gaby in, Gaby drugged him with sleeping pills. P.S. –Victor’s not dead, and he’s faking amnesia about what happened on the boat (i.e., yes, that means big trouble for Gaby and Carlos)… Mike got deeper and deeper into his prescription painkiller habit, going into debt with his med school-student dealer and pressuring Adam into writing him a new prescription, which led Adam into blackmailing Orson into writing one, which Orson handed over (especially when he heard Mike’s injury is the result of being run over by a certain hit-and-run driver)…

Lynette’s stepfather (guest star Richard Chamberlain) showed up to rescue her mom, which led to a major revelation: Her stepdad left her mom because he was gay, not, as Lynette was led to believe, because her mom had cheated on him. He was one of the only happy parts of Lynette’s childhood, and she had blamed her mom her whole life for not making the marriage work.

And because of her obsession with bonding with Danielle’s baby (and passing him off as her own), Bree once again alienated Andrew, who moved out of the house and into a dangerous neighborhood.

The Gaby/Carlos/Victor triangle, as well as Mike’s drug issues, will continue in next week’s big tornado episode, though Lynette and Bree both had a bit of happy closure with their situations: Lynette and her mom might be able to make a fresh start now that Lynette can stop blaming her mom for everything in her unhappy childhood, and Bree learned that the real reason Andrew moved out was to make her acknowledge that he’s grown up and intends to make his own way (even if that means living in a really gross apartment!).

And, though next week’s installment promises to be somber, there were, as usual, lots of clever exchanges in last night’s episode. So tell us: What was the funniest line:

Susan to Julie, about Julie’s date’s pierced tongue: And do you know what else he has pierced? And if you do, you’re grounded! Julie: Why are you freaking out? We’re just dating. It’s not like he’s trying to put a ring on my finger. Susan: Trust me, your finger is not where he’d put it!

Orson: Your message said you had a cavity that needed filling? Bree: I was in a very naughty mood when I left that.

Andrew: Mom, would you mind using a coaster? –Kimberly Potts

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