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Desiree Hartstock Will Choose Chris, Ali Fedotowsky Predicts

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Craig Sjodin/ABC; Jason Merritt/Getty

Last week, we saw a heartbroken Desiree Hartstock in Antigua.

After Brooks said goodbye, she was left to choose between Drew and Chris – and it’s anyone’s bet who, if anyone, gets the final rose in tonight’s finale.

Well, having been through it herself, season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is putting her money on Chris. “I would be willing to put a hefty bet in Vegas on it being Chris in the end,” Fedotowsky told PEOPLE at the Herbal Essences Bachelorette finale viewing party in New York City Monday.

“They’re always standing next to each other on group dates, they seem very similar, and she was always doing things outside the show like writing him little notes. If you use that time for one of the guys, that speaks volumes about how you feel about them.”

But Fedotowsky isn’t the only former franchise contestant weighing in on who will win Desiree’s heart.

Jaclyn Swartz from season 16 of The Bachelor thinks Brooks may come back, citing “the way that they showed him crying at the end and questioning his decision.” But, she adds: “I don’t think she should choose either of the two left because she very openly said she doesn’t love them [as much].”

Fellow Bachelor season 16 alum Rachel Truehart agrees. “If it’s not Brooks, it’s not going to be anyone – I really think Brooks is coming back.”

Fedotowsky thinks otherwise, though. “The way it was edited made it seem like it was going to be Brooks because she was saying she loved him, but they never give that stuff away.”

No matter who receives the final rose, Fedotowsky says she has Desiree’s best interests at heart. “I consider [Desiree] a good friend of mine – she lives in L.A., so we’ve hung out quite a bit. I definitely feel invested in her love story,” she says, while also advising the Bachelorette to really get to know her fiancé after the finale. “You fall in love after the show. To love someone is to know someone. So after the show, what this time is really going to be like for Desiree and her guy is to get to know each other and really date.”

Who do you think Desiree will choose? Sound off below and watch PEOPLE and former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as they live-tweet the finale using #gettherose.