Alison Schwartz and Michele Stueven
April 24, 2012 01:50 PM

Judge Bruno Tonioli called their performance “absolute and utter filth.” But he “loved every minute of it.”

Still, William Levy and Cheryl Burke‘s red-hot rumba to Smokey Robinson’s “Being with You” on Monday’s Motown-themed Dancing with the Stars received a hot-and-cold reaction from the panel.

“I don’t think that was your best dance,” Carrie Ann Inaba said of the touchy-feely performance, which had audience members practically melting in the ballroom and the judges talking about “hip action,” “Viagra” and “ecstasy.”

“I’d like to see more content,” Carrie Ann added, “because you’re not just a pretty face, you are a beautiful dancer, and I’d like to see more dancing.”

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“I understand in the quickstep if we’re sexy, then obviously it makes no sense, but the rumba is the dance of love,” Burke, 27, told PEOPLE after the show, countering Len Goodman’s criticism that their turn on the dance floor was “too raunchy.” “It’s the only dance that’s full of passion like that.”

Adds Levy, 31: “I think there’s never [anything] too sexy.” (Case in point.) “I actually think that was a compliment to say that this rumba was too raunchy, whatever that is.”

“What is the definition of raunchy?” Burke asks. “Like, way too sexy, right? Dirty, almost.”

Burke and Levy’s routine ultimately scored a solid 27 but the judges were all over the place, awarding the pair a 10 (Bruno), a nine (Carrie Ann) and an eight (Len).

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