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Roshon Fegan: I'm an 'Ant' Next to 'Giant, Sexy' DWTS Costars

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Bob D'Amico/ABC

Roshon Fegan’s attempt to spice up his rumba with sexy moves and stares left the judges a little cold this week.

The cuddly contestant on Dancing with the Stars acknowledged afterward feeling a little intimidated by some of the competition.

“It’s like [being] an ant – an ant in a big world,” Fegan, 20, tells PEOPLE. “[I’m] just trying to hang out in the picnic basket. Everybody’s oh, so giant. I’m just a little ant trying to just stick around.”

Up against what he calls “big, giant, sexy guys” like William Levy, Fegan always has his Michael Jackson-style dance moves that earlier impressed the judges.

“I just don’t have the same thing going on,” he says. “But I’m hangin’ in there. I’m proud to be who I am, and I’m definitely working on it.”