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Kirstie Alley Will Make Dancing Finale, Says Tom Bergeron

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First Kirstie Alley was dropped, then she dropped a shoe.

But two ballroom blunders in two weeks in front of millions of Dancing with the Stars viewers – and, of course, the judges – isn’t going to hold her back, the show’s host, Tom Bergeron, predicted on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday.

After joking that Alley and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy have no chance, Bergeron changes his tune telling the talk show host, “I’m totally kidding. Absolutely. I’d be stunned if I didn’t see them at the finals, frankly.”

Alley takes the compliment in stride, replying, “Tom, thank you.”

As for her pro partner, he has a simple recipe for success on the show: “Just dance.”

Alley also tells Winfrey that dancing has restored her confidence.

“It’s actually been cathartic for me because I felt like I was a little broken for a while and it sort of, you know, gave me confidence back,” she says. “You have to forget about your body. You have to forget about everything and just do what he tells you to do.”

Chmerkovskiy, naturally, agrees. “It’s an amazing activity,” he says. “Everybody should do it.”

Despite the couple’s mishaps, he says of performing with Alley, “I’m having a blast.”