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Kendra Wilkinson Shares Her Tiny Dancer Photos

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Courtesy Buzz Media; Bob D'Amico/ABC

Seems glitzy dance costumes have long been a part of Kendra Wilkinson‘s life.

The Dancing with the Stars contestant posted a photo of her younger, blue Spandex-sporting self on her Web site Monday, writing that she “stumbled upon these old school pics from when i took dance when i was little.”

She adds: “How funny are they?!?? I guess i have more experience than i thought i did lolol.”

Does her childhood style stand the test of time? Sort of, says Wilkinson, 25.

“The outfit kinda reminds me of the blue dress i wore on my first night of Dancing with the Stars!!!” she writes. “Ahhhh looking at these makes me even more excited/nervous for tonight!”

Wilkinson is tied for last place on the show and is vulnerable in Monday night’s vote. DWTS airs Monday at on ABC (8 p.m. ET).