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Karina Smirnoff & Gavin DeGraw Plan to Show Some Skin on Dancing with the Stars

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It was amazing to have not been in the bottom this week on Dancing with the Stars! When it was announced that Melissa and Maks were safe, we thought we were in the bottom two and we were okay with that. But then it was announced that we were safe and we thought, “We don’t know what to do! This is awesome!”

I think it was our determination to not be in the bottom two this week that kept us safe. We worked our booties off and the judges saw our progress. It helped that the music and the movements of the tango were so powerful. I also have to give Gavin a lot of credit. He put in a lot of extra work to make sure that he nailed every step.

This week is Latin week, a very sexy week on the show. Gavin is definitely going to be wearing a little less clothing in this dance than normal. He won’t be taking off his signature hat, but he is going to be minus the jacket – maybe minus the shirt? We definitely are going to show a little more skin.

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This week we have two dances. We have our main dance – the samba – and then we have our dance duel so we have our hands full of a lot of steps to learn. It is a lot of hard work but we have a great dance that will be full of action, with very fun and upbeat song. Hopefully it will be enough to keep us from the bottom two again.

Making things a little harder is the fact that Gavin is still doing his tour. We had to spend some of this week in Minneapolis, Minn., where it was really cold and gloomy. It definitely has been a hard week but we are just keeping in mind that we are so grateful to still be in the competition. I want to thank the fans for voting for us and keeping faith in us. We hope to make them proud this week.