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Chelsea Kane
May 02, 2011 01:35 PM

This is Week 7 and the topic is PAIN.

It started when my partner, Mark, severely twisted his ankle in dress rehearsal and we weren’t sure whether we were going to be able to do a live performance of our Quickstep. Although I wasn’t the one with the throbbing foot, I was very concerned about his injury and Team Kanenball’s future, so I had an additional knot in my stomach.

Then there was the agony of being surrounded by boy bands.

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Of course, this was a much more pleasurable sting – being blinded at every turn by the handsome faces of Hanson, New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys.

If you look back at Tuesday night’s show, there’s a girl in the audience who looks JUST like me, completely freaking out during “I Want It That Way.” It wasn’t me, though. I would never break the rules and sneak into the crowd during a live taping. (What a coincidence that this blonde and I had on the same yellow chiffon rhinestoned dress!)

Yes, it’s Week 7 and after checking the calendar, I have been dancing for over 60 straight days.

Now I know where the term “hit the wall” comes from. This isn’t an “I could really use a nap” sort of weariness; it’s a “speed around the racetrack, miss the turn, flip several times and crash and burn” sort of tired.

Not only will Mark and I be dancing the Paso Doble this week, but we will also be doing a Team Cha-Cha with two of the other couples. Everyone has been getting along like gangbusters up to this point, but our first team practice didn’t run as smoothly. Yes, we were one cranky bunch as we departed the rehearsal studio in silence, except for the chorus of slamming car doors.

Did I mention it’s Week 7?

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