Tim Nudd
June 07, 2011 01:15 PM

Courteney Cox has a secret to tell. All those years when Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow were racking up the Emmy nominations for Friends, and Cox was left out? Yeah, that was a little painful.

“The only time I was like, ‘Whoa!’ was [in 2001, when Kudrow and Aniston] were both nominated and not me. That’s when it’s like, ‘I have a lesson to learn here,’ ” Cox, 46, tells TVLine. “I had a hard time not taking it personally when it was both Lisa and Jennifer at the same time Both girls and not me? It hurt. I’m very sensitive, though.”

In all, Kudrow earned six nominations for Friends, Aniston five. They both won once.

Meanwhile, Cox, who now stars on Cougar Town, will have another shot at exorcising those old demons when the 2011 Emmy nominations are announced July 14.

“I’d love to be nominated,” she says. “God, it would be such an honor. I’d be so excited. I’d probably be one of those people who just cried.”

“I wish I could say I didn’t care about stuff like that. Maybe if I didn’t, it would be some sort of karmic thing for me, but I actually do. I think it’s nice to be recognized. [Not being so] makes me go, “Oh s–t maybe I don’t know what the f— I’m doing.”

If it does happen, Cox says, it will mean even more than if she’d been nominated for Friends. “Don’t get me wrong, it would have been great back then,” she says. “But I think it would mean [now] that I’m on another show that is regarded and is written and performed as well as [Friends] in some ways.”

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