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Ciao Bellas! Top Model Heads to Rome

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Buon giorno, Top Model fans! The six remaining girls headed to Rome Wednesday for the international segment of the competition, when high fashion becomes haute couture or alta moda. And just like their digs got a super chic upgrade, the models themselves got high fashion makeovers from Italian designer Gai Mattiolo, who had the girls show off their best runway walks. Anya won the challenge (again!) for her strut and even some awkward praise from Mattiolo, who called her “so blonde.”

With Anya raking in the challenge prizes ($10,000 last week and a red carpet gown this week), the other girls needed to step it up. But unfortunately for them, this week’s assignment was the always-dreaded Cover Girl commercial — and even more unfortunately, they had to say their lines in Italian (“Facile, Brezza, Bella Cover Girl” … get it?). The Tyra Mail had Lauren shaking in her Brooklyn booties and when it came time for her close up, she was even more petrified.

But she wasn’t alone when it came to bad commercials. Whitney was too fake, Anya butchered the dialogue and even though Katarzyna sounded like a true Italian, her blas on-screen personality didn’t sit well with the judges. In the end, the judges liked Fatima’s commercial best — a step up from her bottom two status last week — and Lauren went home because, as Tyra put it, she couldn’t “hide her real self if someone paid her a million dollars.” Whitney was saved from elimination this week, keeping her place as the longest-standing plus-size model on the show. But we’ll see how she fares next week when Tyra plays photographer at the high fashion photo shoot. –Archana Ram

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