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Chynna Phillips: Cher's 'Gonna Bring the House Down'

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While Chynna Phillips’s mom, singer Michelle Phillips, won’t be able to attend next week’s Dancing with the Stars, another famous mother will be in the crowd.

“When Cher shows up, it’s gonna bring the house down, everyone’s going to go crazy,” Phillips tells PEOPLE of the superstar’s upcoming visit to the show to support son Chaz Bono.

What does Phillips’s own mother think about her dancing?

“My mom she just wants me to relax and enjoy myself and not take it so seriously, which is really hard because once you get into it, you do take it very seriously,” says Phillips, 43.

As for her husband Billy Baldwin’s feelings about her sexy moves on the show, Phillips says it was all his idea.

“Billy was the one who originally said to me ‘Chynna, I really think you have to get on Dancing with the Stars,’ ” she says. “It’s all Billy’s fault and I have an attitude of gratitude. I’m very happy about it.”