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Charlie Sheen Denies Threatening to Kill Daughter and Denise Richards: 'That's Not Who I Am'

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brightcove.createExperiences(); Charlie Sheen is addressing disturbing claims made about him in a $1.2 million lawsuit his ex Denise Richards filed against him in January.

In the lawsuit, Richards, 44, claims Sheen allegedly sent their daughter Lola, 10, a text in which he wrote “Your dad is a rock star genius . . . Your mom is a p–s wart.”

On Wednesday’s The Dr. Oz Show, Sheen admitted he likely did send that text.

“I don’t know. Sure. I probably did. Yeah. And it’s regrettable,” he told Dr. Mehmet Oz.

But Sheen denied a more disturbing claim from the lawsuit, which alleges Richards overheard him telling Lola, “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom.”

“I would never speak about any of my children like that ever,” Sheen, 50, told Oz. “And I would never threaten their mom. That’s not who I am. I wouldn’t do that.”

Oz asked Sheen what he would say to his family if he did in fact say such things.

“Well, you got to own your own crap. I’d apologize and hope to move forward. What else can you do?” Sheen said.

In her lawsuit, Richards alleged Sheen was not providing all of the financial support he had promised toward the care of their children, but on Dr. Oz Sheen said he had never scrimped on child support payments. The former Two and a Half Men star did suggest the $55,000-a-month child support each he is paying to exes Richards and Brooke Mueller may need to be reexamined given his current financial situation. In a Today show interview announcing that he is HIV-positive, Sheen said he was extorted for $10 million by people threatening to disclose the diagnosis.

“We came up with a number a long time ago and I had a great job and everybody was living large. and that’s not the case right now, but there’s still that expectation to still keep paying this kind of money,” Sheen told Oz. “At some point you just can’t justify it, especially when there’s no gratitude behind it. None. I would send somebody flowers every hour if I got that kind of dough tax free.”

Sheen shares daughters Sam and Lola, 10, with Richards, and twin sons Bob and Max, 6, with Mueller, 38.

Sheen, who previously told Oz that he might be bipolar, also opened up about seeking help with Dr. Shahla Modir, a psychiatrist Oz recommended to him. Sheen said that Modir has not diagnosed him with bipolar disorder.

“Her and I aren’t totally there yet. You know? But I told her, if that’s something we stumble across together, I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t on the menu,” Sheen told Oz.

Oz said that accepting that diagnosis as a possibility was a “huge step” for Sheen.

The actor also addressed public outbursts following his 2011 firing from Two and a Half Men, suggesting his use of testosterone cream was to blame. Oz did not comment if he thought this was a possible medical explanation, but instead asked Sheen about how use of the cream made him feel.

“It was, kind of, like, a borderline, not a ‘roid rage, but a ‘roid disengage. That’s the stuff that I do look at [and] cringe a little bit behind. There were things about that person that were empowering, that were vibrant, that I felt alive, whether or not I was in some suspended state or not, but I didn’t like the anger. I tend to be victimized by my anger at times.”

This was the latest in a string of episodes featuring Sheen, who previously opened up to Oz about his struggles with substance abuse and his HIV diagnosis.

The Dr. Oz Show airs weekdays (check local listings).