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May 22, 2014 08:50 AM

Catfish is officially a thing according to Merriam-Webster.

As this term swims over from colloquialism to certified word, Catfish: The TV Show presses on as well. In episode three, viewers are treated to another story of young love, this time blossoming between a bartender and rap hopeful through the alluring world of Instagram.

Read on to discover the mysterious identity behind this episode’s slippery mystery dater. Don’t worry, we did the detective work for you. Check out the “three red flags” that led to “the big reveal,” and “the silver lining” that followed. Let’s get fishing, shall we?

Antoinette and Nev on Catfish

The Catfishee: Antoinette, a 21-year-old with almost 15,000 Instagram followers – but this social starlet and Texas bartender only has her heart set on one.

The Catfish: T-Lights, a Florida rapper with Justin Bieber-esque looks working to build his social following while supposedly keeping up an extra special connection with Antoinette.

T-Lights on Catfish

Three Red Flags

This modern-day love story began two years ago when Antoinette spotted an especially attractive commenter amongst her numerous followers. This online cutie turned out to be 22-year-old T-Lights. Antoinette reached out with her Instagram handle to chat and the two have been texting, talking on the phone, and Insta-flirting ever since. But, of course, they have yet to meet, which leads us to the warning signs.

1. T-Lights has lame excuses for never virtually meeting face-to-face: For the past two years Antoinette’s Instagram crush has been dodging video chats with excuses ranging from bad Wi-Fi signals to being in the studio. It’s easy to understand if T-Lights had tech issues for a few weeks, but two years?

2. Antoinette’s Instagram account could be attracting the wrong kind of attention: Antoinette is an attractive girl who turns into a bit of an exhibitionist on social media. This means a feed full of sexy swimsuit, underwear and dancing shots. Host Nev Schulman and Max Joseph worry this online behavior could be bringing in the wrong dudes and gifted liars.

3. T-Lights’s manager doesn’t know who Antoinette is: If your client was talking to someone 24/7, you would probably notice, right? When the Catfish crew called up T-Lights’s manager, he said the rapper had never mentioned any girl named Antoinette to him. Even worse, the phone number Antoinette had been using to call T-Lights doesn’t match the digits his manager had. This made Antoinette’s T-Lights seem like a poser.

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Antoinette, Nev and Max Catfish

The Big Reveal

Concerned sweet-seeming Antoinette is being duped, Nev and Max research the phone number the manager poo-pooed and find it’s linked to T-Lights’s family, most likely his married brother. The pair also discovers the same sibling helps to manage T-Lights’s social accounts. Could the rapper’s brother be using T-Lights’s Instagram to get some extramarital action? Not wanting to tip off T-Lights’s family, Nev, Max and Antoinette decide to fly down to Florida and surprise the rapper and his posse at a local show. Too nervous to confront T-Lights herself, Antoinette sends Nev to find out if the news is good or bad.

In a true Catfish shocker, Nev returns with good news. Antoinette has been talking to the real T-Lights this whole time, and the rapper is excited to finally meet her. The two online lovebirds share a hug, kiss and chit-chat about emojis and their attraction to each other. Sadly, the fairy tale can’t last forever. After getting serenades and puppy dog stares from T-Lights for a few days, Antoinette has to return home. The two part with the promise to work on making a real relationship happen.

Antoinette and T-Lights on Catfish

Silver Lining

You had the good news, here’s the bad: T-Lights and his lady don’t last. The long-distance duo stayed in touch after meeting, but ultimately decided it was too hard to keep up a relationship.

Still, there is a silver lining. Though not a full-blown success, T-Lights and Antoinette prove not everyone on the Internet is out there to deceive you. Plus, the experience was a wake-up call for Antoinette. After lucking out and meeting the real T-Lights, the Texas girl purged her social networks of racy photos to ensure new suitors and employers won’t get the wrong idea.

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Catfish Teaser Trailer

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