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October 19, 2007 12:00 AM

Tigers, dark horses and Superman, oh my!

Don’t tell former Dancing with the Stars champs Emmitt Smith or Apolo Anton Ohno, but for one judge season five is already a perfect ten.

“For me, this is my personal favorite season,” Carrie Ann Inaba tells PEOPLE, “because everybody’s got this joy about them when they’re dancing.” Though Inaba, who was taking in the Harley Davidson and Complex Magazine fashion show in Hollywood Wednesday night, can make that claim after a mere four weeks of competition, don’t ask her to crown a winner just yet.

“I’m so proud of them all,” she said of the dancing stars. “Sabrina‘s obviously doing really well with the marks, and she’s just a tiger out there, and Helio Castroneves kind of touches your heart so, who knows?” Also catching the judge’s eye is a certain former Bond girl. “Jane Seymour,” Inaba points out, “even though she threw a lift in last time and I took some points off, it was her mother’s birthday, and her mother recently passed away, so I give her a lot of credit, because she’s just an amazing trooper.”

As far as this season’s dark horse? “I would have to say Cameron Mathison.” Inaba said, adding, “We didn’t expect him to do so well. He had a slow start, but now he’s catching up to the pack. He came out with the “Superman” number, ripped off his sleeves, and I’m sure that every woman in America was kind of like, ‘Woo-hoo!’ I think they all voted for him last week.”

So do you agree with Carrie Ann’s predictions? Tell us! –Reagan Alexander

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty

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