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November 29, 2007 12:00 AM

She was outspoken and her own biggest supporter, but Carmen Webber wasn’t exactly surprised that she was auf’d on last night’s Project Runway. The New York-based designer knew it was her time to go after she failed to complete her menswear look. Speaking to PEOPLE the day after her elimination, Webber reserved her sharpest criticism not for the judges, but for Ricky Lizalde, who joined her in the bottom two and rankled her throughout her time on the show. –Brian OrloffWhat went through your mind as you watched last night’s episode?These are competitions and when you don’t meet what the judges feel is appropriate, then you’re out. I’m not happy with that, of course. But I understand … but it was very hurtful because I just really felt like if I had more time, and if I had bought myself a lot more fabric, then I would have had a backup.

So far, do you think the eliminations have been fair? I’m really upset that Simone got cut soon. I’m pretty pissed off about that. I also didn’t agree that Christian and I had the worst outfit on last week’s show. There are tons of ways that outfit Christian and I did could be more commercial … just tone it down or make it all one color. I didn’t think the first two eliminations were fair … but on this one, they called a fair shot on my elimination.

When Tim and Ginny Barber came to visit, how much did their critique unsettle you? Or did it help?It was a great treat to have Tiki Barber’s wife come, but we were all like, what the heck? You have her come at the last hour. It actually freaked us all out because we were like, you’re giving us your opinion and we’re already halfway through the project. But, hello, it’s a challenge! So, I think it was part of their challenge.

Standing there with Ricky on the runway, did you know it was your time to go?At that point, I was like, looks like it’s going to be me, because I hadn’t finished my garment. The thing that made me feel good… to have Tiki say to him, “It looks like a 5-year-old made it”–that is the worst insult you can ever give to a designer.

You and Ricky had some tension in the workroom. What was your relationship really like?I’m the most disgruntled with Ricky . . . Quite frankly, I was really disappointed with Ricky’s behavior because I’m like, yeah, this is a competition. And, yeah, it can be snarky. But you don’t have to be unnecessarily just vicious and ridiculous. At one point he was being really curt and rude to the model. And for me, especially having been an ex-model, that is completely unacceptable.

Tell us: Did the judges make the right pick? Will you miss Carmen’s brash honesty on the show? And does Ricky’s workroom behavior frustrate you too?

Plus: Check back next Thursday to hear from the next auf’d designer!Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

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