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Brothers & Sisters: A Family on the Verge

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Photo: Scott Garfield/ABC

What a week for the Walker family! While last week’s episode of Brothers & Sisters had at least a few elements of hope amid the Walker clan’s various disasters, this week left most of the family members down and out. With Julia leaving Tommy to live with her parents, Justin on painkillers and Kitty’s persistent inability to distinguish her personal and professional duties on her fianc ‘s campaign, it seems this family is once again on the verge of falling apart. One saving grace? Nora’s growing relationship with Rebecca. If the rest of the family is willing to welcome her to the extent that Nora has, Rebecca’s voice of reason is much needed in the Walker household. And it was nice to see that someone’s having a little fun when Kevin’s ex Scotty reappeared (and gave a command performance in the kitchen) as a love interest for the lawyer.

Tell us: Do you think Justin will be able to manage taking painkillers without becoming addicted? And will Tommy and Julia survive this separation–while Tommy has a dedicated secretary calling him late at night? –Lisa Ingrassia

Photo: Scott Garfield/ABC