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May 22, 2008 12:00 AM

As the clock ticks down to the Grey’s Anatomy season four finale tonight, Brooke Smith says even she was taken aback by her character Dr. Erica Hahn’s surprise smooch with Dr. Callie Torres on last week’s episode–and she’s looking forward to more surprises.

“I’m glad the writers didn’t rush to reveal too much about Hahn,” Smith says. “You get all excited, and you want to, but it takes time.”

So is Hahn is gay? “I don’t think she’s secretly out there having lesbian relationships outside of the hospital,” says Smith. “I know she likes Callie, and is very confused about how she feels.” And the confusion might just play out a little longer, hints Smith: “I don’t know Callie’s intention, but I think it’s nice to mess with Sloan. He’s just such an easy target.”

Smith, who just finished her first season as a cast member on Grey’s, says the atmosphere on set is great following this winter’s writers’ strike. “I think it was a nice long vacation! Maybe it’s the fabulous new trailers–and we have bicycles! I think everyone got a recharged battery. I was ready to go, since I was new, but I think everyone needed a break.” Good thing Smith charged her battery when she had her chance, because while on a month-long hiatus from the show, she and her director husband adopted a 7-month-old from Ethiopia named Lucy, now a younger sister to their daughter Fanny, 5.

“Lucy is just like a Buddha,” says Smith. “She’s very easy, and she seems to be adjusting well. She’s happy, and healthy.” As for how her eldest daughter is coping, Smith says, “Fanny is the greatest big sister in the world, and if anything I’m trying to let Lucy know that I’m the mom, not Fanny!”

Also on the agenda? Finally relocating from New York to Los Angeles. “I think we’re finally admitting that to ourselves,” quips Smith. “I think the show is going to go, You think?” –Lisa Ingrassia

Lisa Rose/JPI

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