Alex Heigl
November 17, 2013 03:00 PM

Despite what many conspiracy theorists and super-fans were postulating, Vince Gilligan came out and told The Hollywood Reporter that the finale of Breaking Bad was not a dream. So, sorry, everyone.

That said, if it were actually revealed as a dream, we would have wanted it to happen exactly like the video below, in which Hal from Malcolm In the Middle wakes up from a terrible nightmare. Not only is a treat to see Cranston reprise the role he was previously best-known for, but his descriptions of the show are hilarious.

“There was this guy who never spoke, who just rang a bell the whole time,” Hal babbles. Hank is described as “look[ing] like the guy from The Shield“, and Aaron Paul‘s Jesse is described as “a little guy, a waif, a man-child, [a] kid who always looked like he was wearing his older brother’s clothes.”

The whole thing seems to be a reference to the finale of Newhart, and will likely be included as an extra on the forthcoming Breaking Bad box set, out Nov. 26.

And while you’re here, why not relive the excitement of Breaking Bad‘s Emmy win this year?

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