Maggie Coughlan
August 02, 2012 07:00 PM

From churning butter to churning out the drama.

A new reality show will document the lives of five young people as they leave their small towns to discover themselves in the big city.

But it’s not a remake of The Hills. It’s TLC’s Breaking Amish – and its stars are leaving their Amish and Mennonites communities.

Different from Rumspringa – the period of time when an Amish adolescent decides whether or not to join the church – Jeremiah, Kate, Abe, Rebecca and Sabrina travel to New York City to grapple with their identities and plan for their futures.

Jeremiah, 32, was adopted by an Amish family and his desire to leave the community is fueled by his dream to drive for a living. Having only driven a horse and buggy, Jeremiah craves the thrill of driving a car, something he’s only admired from afar.

“I was adopted and I got kind of thrown into this Amish crap. It’s not cool,” Jeremiah says in a trailer of Breaking Amish that was revealed by TLC at their TCAs presentation on Thursday.

Like Jeremiah, Sabrina, 25, was adopted into a Mennonite family. With an Italian and Puerto Rican background, she is desperate to learn more about her identity. She hopes to that going to New York City will teach her more about her heritage and put her on the path toward finding her biological parents.

But the decision to reject Amish life comes with consequences for the cast, including possibly being shunned by their families.

“If I go to New York City and decide not to be Amish, I’m gonna be on my own,” Jeremiah says.

Watch a dramatic clip of Breaking Amish, which premieres Sunday, Sept. 9 (10 p.m. ET) on TLC, below:

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