Brad Womack
March 08, 2011 08:40 AM

Hello again, everybody!

I’m excited about writing this blog because it’s about the always-fun Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor. I’m also going to steal Chris Harrison’s line here and confirm that, yes, it was “the most dramatic Women Tell All episode in Bachelor history.” Confirmed. Verified. Validated. One hundred percent true. My God, the women didn’t hold back! Sweet little Jackie, using the F-bomb?! Stacey, attacking Michelle’s parenting skills?! Rachel, still refusing to apologize to Melissa? As I said, the most dramatic ever!

I need to let all of you know that I wasn’t privy to what was going on as we taped. In fact, I actually only saw the women for the two segments that I was onstage, so I had no idea what I was walking into. I wish all of you could feel what I felt when I saw all of the women for the first time that evening! It was like walking into a family reunion or something. I realize comparing “ex-girlfriends” to my “family” is very odd. I just feel like some extremely strong friendships were formed over the course of filming and it was such a pleasure to see all of the women after what felt like years.

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I was shocked at the verbal assault that was thrown at Michelle! Yes, the ladies are entitled to their opinions, but after seeing Michelle sobbing, I expected the other women to back down a little bit. The attack was almost relentless! Thank God for referee Chris stepping in or who knows how bad it would have gotten. Michelle has obviously learned a lot about herself while watching the show and I’m confident she’ll turn what she considers character flaws into something positive. All I can ask is please find the humor in Michelle’s personality. (I still think the world of you, Jackie and Stacey! I’m just very surprised!)

Having to watch Ashley S.’s goodbye was heart-wrenching. I’m going to admit something – Ashley asked for closure from the date in Vegas and, after watching my response, I still don’t feel as if I provided what she was looking for. I don’t know if I was put on the spot or not. In fact, I don’t know why I responded the way I did. We all know I’m not the most articulate guy in the world and to Ashley S., I wish I could have provided more closure. I didn’t mean she wouldn’t make a good wife in general. I simply didn’t have the feelings that are needed for a future. I didn’t feel the way about Ashley S. that her future husband will feel. So I’m here to admit, saying goodbye had nothing to do with Ashley S. – it had everything to do with me. Ashley, if you’re reading this, trust me when I say you will make an extraordinary wife to a very lucky man one day!

Ashley H., where do I begin? It’s very difficult to watch a goodbye that was full of so much emotion. Seeing Ashley become emotional while watching our goodbye during the special really got to me. She told me she has regrets but I tried to comfort her. I don’t think anyone that hasn’t gone through this experience realizes how difficult it can be when real feelings begin to develop. It can breed some insecurities and a lack of confidence that people aren’t normally used to. Ashley did nothing wrong. I wish I could have been the man that could comfort her and make her feel confident when she needed me. I failed at that particular task. Something tells me Ashley will be just fine.

How cool was the video of all the kids at the Henna School in South Africa? That was seriously one of the best feelings I’ve had. The kids were awesome and it’s crazy to think what little it takes to change their lives. So for any of you out there that want to help, with any amount of money, you can check out the Henna School and the work of Bachelor Gives Back by going to The Bachelor page at or going directly to TheBachelor.TV.

Well, I can’t believe it! We’re here. ONE MORE WEEK! I’m so excited to have the opportunity to talk about the woman I have fallen in love with. She has changed my life. That, in a very large way, has a lot to do with all of you awarding me the opportunity to go through this process again. I’ll save my cheesy thank you to all of you until the very last blog but don’t think for a second I will forget how lucky I am. Thank you, everybody!

I am looking forward to writing the last blog more than words can say! Stay tuned.
Brad Womack

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