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Bill Engvall on Dancing with the Stars: 'I Feel Like I Could Win This Thing'

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Bill Engvall feels hopeful that he just may beat out the competition on Dancing with the Stars, and his confidence comes from his strong partnership with Emma Slater.

“I feel like I could win this thing,” Engvall tells PEOPLE as the duo head to the finals. “Not alone though!”

“I have such great fans and a wonderful partner, that I just think the stars are aligning. If they don’t, I’m fine with that, but I can imagine [winning] now.”

The pair squeaked by in Monday’s semifinals after a cha-cha routine that earned them just 28 points out of 40, but their Argentine tango earned them 32 points and impressed the judges, especially Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who said it was “exactly what an Argentine tango is supposed to be like.”

“I looked at her and I said, ‘Look, if this Argentine tango is our last dance, let’s just do it right,’ ” Engvall says of his chat with Slater before they performed. “And she said, ‘Let’s just do it like it’s just me and you in the room,’ and we did and it was the most enjoyable experience.”

“It was just a special moment for me and Emma, because she literally has become a part of me and [wife] Gail’s family, and I just adore every minute with her, and she makes me laugh, she pushes me.”