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February 01, 2008 12:00 AM

When Jennifer Widder, 22, stepped onto the scales during week five of The Biggest Loser, she dropped six lbs., more than Paul Marks, who gained three, and his ex-wife Kelly Fields, who remained the same. Still, after a switch up in the game, Jenn became the first individual contestant axed. Now, all the players are on two teams, Black and Blue, chosen by trainers, Bob and Jillian. Bob packed Blue with the strongest: Mark and Jay, Jackie and Dan, and former football teammates Roger and Trent. Jillian staffed Black with Jenn and Maggie King, exes Paul and Kelly, and Brittany and Bernie. Blue won, dropping a combined 50 lbs., beating Black who only lost 17 lbs., and now had to send someone home. Although she posted good losses, the others felt she could not lose much more so Jenn, who started at 254 lbs. and lost 31 on the ranch, was sent home. Since leaving, she’s lost another 22 lbs., for a combined total of 53 or as she puts it, “a whole kindergartener!”

Here’s how she did it:

What is your exercise plan?I exercise like it is a full time job. I exercise four to seven hours a day. I use a trainer for an hour, and one day, I will do cardio on the treadmill or the elliptical or the stairs. I love spinning. I love group fitness classes because I am doing it with other and you meet other there and your learn their stories. It becomes another form of motivation.

How’s your diet?I eat 1,400 calories a day and have three meals and two snacks with good fats and oils. I only eat fruits and vegetables. I eat mostly fish. I love salmon. I eat eggs for breakfast. I never go to fast food restaurants, but I never did. I would just eat out a lot. Now I cook at home. Snacks are fun. I’ll take a Portobello mushroom and scoop out the cap and put in tomato sauce and string cheese and it taste like a pizza.

How have your attitudes about food changed?I ate when I was sad and when I was depressed. I ate all the time. It was the only thing I could turned to to make me feel better, but now I have so many other outlets like working out every day and keeping a diary and talking out loud about why I eat. When I have a bad day, I know food is not my friend or a person. It just goes in and comes out of you.

What is your biggest temptation?At the ranch, everything is on a silver platter and now I am responsible for all my food. I read the labels and see how many grams of fat there are. But you don’t want to deprive yourself so once a week, I’ll have frozen yogurt. I won’t eat Cheese Doodles again.

What have you learned the most about yourself during the show?I just need to believe in myself. I can do this. I am so strong. Nothing can stop me from being successful. There is no magic pill. It’s a lifestyle and you have to do it and lose weight, now.

What can you do now that you could not do before the show?Before I would walk on a treadmill and I would become nauseous and would start vomiting. I didn’t realize how big I was in theater seats and now I fit into them with room. When I flew, I would hide under a blanket if the seat belt was too tight.

How your weight loss affected your shopping for clothes?I am not spending a lot of money right now on clothes. After two weeks, they won’t fit because of my losing weight. I can walk into any store and buy something now. I walked into a Lacoste shop and wanted to buy a polo shirt. They wouldn’t fit me before and now they do. I am a medium top where I was a double extra large before. My pants are a 16 when I used to wear a size 22.

Are you dating?I am dating someone, but I have never gotten this kind of attention. Guys are coming up to me and asking if they can be my boyfriend and telling me I am so hot. It is a shame that look on the outside and make a judgment. Our society is so shallow by judging by the way they look. At a hotel, someone wouldn’t hold a door for me, now hotel doors are held for me. –Frank Swertlow

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