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Biggest Loser Winner Olivia Ward: Losing Is a Family Affair

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Trae Patton/NBC

Following Tuesday night’s jubilant victory on the Biggest Loser finale, New York City opera singer Olivia Ward prepared to celebrate in a whole new way.

“We still may splurge on some cake,” her husband Ben tells PEOPLE, “but we will have one piece! Before, I couldn’t have one piece. I would sneak and have three for four later, even though I shouldn’t have. Now we will get back to the gym.”

Olivia, 35, lost 129 lbs. in her effort to the take the Biggest Loser crown, with her sister and teammate Hannah Curlee, 32, finishing right behind with a 120-lb. weight loss. Although both were on the Ranch, Olivia’s husband replicated their efforts and achieved great numbers on his own.

“I started out right at 300 lbs. and now I am at 185,” says Ben, 35. Adds Olivia, “I came home at one point for our break and I was like, ‘How did you know what to eat?’ He was like, ‘Well, it’s so funny, but [trainer Bob Harper] would almost Tweet every day what he eats, so I just ate whatever Bob ate,’ which was hysterical.”

Winning a quarter of a million dollars will help Ben and Olivia with two goals: being financially secure so as to someday start a family, and doing some world-class traveling. Says Ben, “Let’s go on a bike trip through Europe, something that’s fun and fit, but also we can enjoy pasta because we’ve biked 30 miles!”

Another change for Olivia will be to work even closer with her sister Hannah. “I really want to continue in the fitness industry and being involved in inspiring people,” Hannah says, “and Olivia and I want to do it together. It was so important for us to walk together through it side by side.”

Hannah envisions one part of their work to be a fashion and fitness blog for women with all weight goals “because there is a place for everyone, and there is a way to do this for every single size,” she says.

Watching her sister, a proud Olivia says, “I feel my story is so unique and inspiring not just to family but to friends, that you can do this with somebody, you don’t have to do this by yourself.”

For more from Olivia – and a look at the final three’s transformations – pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday