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Patrick Gomez
February 25, 2011 01:00 PM

Parents often say they would do anything for their children – and this week on The Biggest Loser, contestant Denise Hill performed a selfless act by throwing the weigh-in to save her daughter from elimination.

“If I had worked at it really, really hard I could have probably [gotten immunity] but that would have left [my daughter] Sarah vulnerable to get voted off, and I just couldn’t do that,” Hill told reporters Wednesday.

So Hill, who had been consistently performing well in weigh-ins and lost 52 lbs. total on the Ranch, fell below the red line after intentionally gaining 8 lbs. of “water weight” and was automatically sent home.

The decision to throw the weigh-in (rather than encourage her daughter and teammates to work hard and win it) was questioned by Moses, who successfully saved his daughter Kaylee the same week by pushing her.

“What Moses said on the show, that was a good point,” Hill, 59, says. “I just know that that week all of the [Black Team’s] girls were sick. They all had terrible, terrible colds and weren’t able to work out as hard as we would like.”

Knowing their team’s chances of winning the weigh-in were “very, very slim,” most of the parents agreed that the “young ones” should stay. But which parent would take the fall?

Hill, who was new to the Black team after Arthur’s shocking decision to switch things up, says fellow mom Marci was not an option for the sacrifice.

“[The members of the Black Team] have a bond and they consider Marci the queen bee,” she says. “They would never let her get eliminated.”

So, Hill decided to gain weight to protect her daughter and the other “young ones.”

“The longer they stay, the longer they get it mentally, then they will be able to change not only their lives but their generations to come,” Hill says.

Now at home in Utah, Hill is continuing to lose weight as she enjoys time with another daughter who was married while she was away.

Hill says missing the ceremony was the “hardest thing I’ve ever done,” but she believes that losing the weight was “the greatest wedding gift for Lauren to give to me and that I could give to her.”

“Ten years down the line,” she says, “I’ll be alive for my grandkids.”

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