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Biggest Loser Rumor or Fact: Romance Edition!

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Marc Royce

Is Biggest Loser season 9 winner Michael Ventrella dating runner up Ashley Johnston? Are Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson really that close? Is Daris George‘s girlfriend for real? And what’s up with season 8‘s Daniel Wright and Rebecca Meyer? Here’s an update on love at the Ranch. – Cynthia Wang

Are Michael and Ashley a couple?

NO. The two say they are friends. “Ashley and I both feel the same things,” Ventrella says, “went through the same things, and we both know the finale of the Biggest Loser is not the end for weight loss for us. I’m going to be on the horn with Ashley every day, twice a week just like I was on the Ranch and we’re going to encourage each other and motivate each other to do it.” As for his dating prospects, Ventrella says, “Right now, I’m just single. “I’m still working on me, so don’t get me wrong, I like to go out and meet and I am keeping my options open but I am still catching up to what I’ve done, how I feel and how I look.” For Johnston, “I like being single,” she says. “I like dating. It’s like catching up for lost time!”

Are Sam and Stephanie for real?

YES. Not only have they enjoyed living in L.A. together, they have been staying healthy together. “We run, we hike, we are doing this together,” Poueu says. “This is a common denominator in our lives.” Adds Anderson, “Sam and I were really close leaving the Ranch and spending these last couple months together, we’ve developed an even deeper love for each other, and respect and we are really looking forward to our future. It touches me and makes me fall in love with him even more, if that’s possible!”

Does Daris have a girlfriend?

YES. In mid-April, George began dating Heather Anthony, an assistant jail administrator in Ardmore, Okla. “I have definitely found a big part of life that I was looking for,” George says. “I always felt like I was missing out and I definitely was. I am happy. I’ve never been happier in my life and I don’t know. I have what everybody else has had and it was more about realizing that I was worth it and accepting the fact that I can have a girlfriend and that someone would want me. I’m a pretty happy right now.”

Are Daniel and Rebecca still together?

YES. Wright moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where Meyer is based. “I am working as a personal trainer now and helping experience what I have experienced,” he says. As a veteran Loser couple, Wright says that he and Meyer have offered this piece of advice to other lovebirds: “Don’t celebrate by enjoying the things you used to love as your old selves together,” he says. “Rebecca and I could easily celebrate by eating all the time, because that’s what we used to do. But the reason we keep together and keep focused is we go to the gym together and remind each other of who we are now.”