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Ada's Biggest Loser Blog: Adventures in New Zealand!

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Trae Patton/NBC

Okay, I can’t even contain my jealously right now. New Zealand?! Are you serious?! Granted, Camp Pendleton was pretty cool but it was no New Zealand! The landscape, I hear, is gorgeous! And apparently, it’s the “go to” country for thrill seekers – as we witnessed the contestants throw themselves off Sky Tower. I can only imagine how amazing (and terrifying) it would be to have the opportunity to propel off the highest building in the southern hemisphere. Like Bob and Ken, I am deathly afraid of heights but that sort of thing is a once in a life time experience and I’m glad they mustered up enough guts to do it! I’d like to think I’m gutsy enough to do it too but I don’t know … my hands were getting clammy just watching the episode. I want to know if Hannah was at all nervous because she practically skipped her way off that platform. Oh how I envy the fearless…

I was shocked to see Ken and Cara duke it out. I would never have the guts to talk to Bob and Jillian like that. I remember mistakenly mentioning to Jillian I wanted a breakthrough and because of that one little comment, she made it her personal mission to break me down and run me into the ground. But Cara on the other hand, hasn’t developed the same respect and reputation that the other trainers have and as the newbie, she has to prove herself.

There are some amazingly selfless people on this season and I’m adding Moses to that growing list. It broke my heart to hear Olivia open up about the real reason she’s here. We’re so used to seeing Hannah and Olivia as the fun loving sisters (with funny sound bites) that we forget there are deeper issues they struggle with. It’s nice to finally see another dimension to them and it certainly adds to their likability factor.

Moses looked happy, healthy, and got to go to New Zealand – twice! He’s doing just fine in my book! Note to self, next trip, New Zealand!