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Ada's Biggest Loser Blog: It's Not Only About Weight Loss

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Trae Patton/NBC

Biggest Loser is definitely pulling out all the stops this season! It’s only week two and the contestants were given a chance at immunity as a team along with $10,000! With incentives like that, it’s no wonder both teams rocked the scale this week. But before ending on such a high note – with everyone getting an extra week on their respective ranch, the contestants started to find that the struggles they are facing are about more than just weight loss.

Courtney is one of the contestants who seems to have it all together. I’m interested to see if there are other underlying issues that have yet to be unfolded. But for now, she’s determined and focused. I love that! Speaking of determination, we don’t really get much of a glimpse into the Unknowns’ team. I don’t know their stories or struggles but one thing is apparent: they have a fire about them that really resonates with me. You would think having all those weeks of immunity would make them complacent but that is definitely not the case.

When the group arrived at the challenge site, I had a déjà vu moment. Our dragon boat challenge from last season was at that exact place. Just like this group, we weren’t given much time to strategize on the best way to complete the challenge, so kudos to the Unknowns for winning their challenge in record time!

Every time I watch the trainers work with the contestants it reminds me of how much all of us are able to do. Bob knows how to push people beyond what they think their limit is and if I didn’t see it for myself, I wouldn’t think Arthur would be able to run at 5.0 on the treadmill. And don’t take it the wrong way – it is certainly not a knock on him. I remember a time when I could barely run at 5.5 steadily, so it was amazing to watch Arthur realize that at his current weight, he is able to run!

For now, all is well in the house of Biggest Loser. Until next week …

Ada Wong