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Biggest Loser Recap: Amy Teeters, Begs Vicky for Forgiveness

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Ed’s warning to Amy after her vote sent Brady home should have made us all shudder: “Vicky’s crazy, man. She’ll claw your frickin’ eyes out.”

Sure, things got ugly on this week’s Biggest Loser: Families — but we’ve grown to expect it. Is it us or are Vicky’s antics starting to seem like white noise?

Let’s get the Vicky revenge plan out of the way. She referred to Amy … behind her back of course … as a “stupid backstabbing b—-.” Pot, meet kettle. Next we saw a paper posted on a door with the manic scrawling of a budding serial killer, the word “revenge” written at the top with a ranting clich below it: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Oooh. We’re scared.

She added that, yeah, she misses her husband … but not that much because she’s more upset about the twist in the game she couldn’t control. Bob was annoyed with Vicky for her vendetta and went to visit the shunned Amy. Her eyes puffy and red from crying, she explained she’d made the decision to vote her own “Blue Team’s” Brady out at the last second because he was a big threat to her. “Here’s a girl who’s taking care of herself,” Bob says of Amy, promising that by doing what she thought was right she was becoming a stronger person. Later, he takes a walk with Heba and Vicky, and while Vicky pouts like an adolescent Bob begs her to bury the hatchet for the sake of the Blue Team’s survival. “I’m just not willing to do that,” she tells the camera. Near the end of the episode, Amy crawls to Vicky and asks forgiveness for what she did; we’re not sure why. Vicky barely accepts the apology, admitting she doesn’t trust Amy.

This week we were also subjected to the gang squeezing into ’80s gear, complete with tight shorts and leotards along with the requisite headbands and legwarmers. The teams do some sort of “break dancing” thing to bad ’80s music. It doesn’t work. Not at all. Bob then shows up in a headband in a failed attempt to get his team to bond while making them do step aerobics to a bad cover of “I’m So Excited.” In fact, the whole ’80s theme was a tacky distraction to the weight loss and the game play.

At the challenge, each contestant holds 50% of her body weight by grabbing onto a rope attached to a drum full of water. One by one they try to answer questions about health in the ’80s, with mixed results. For each wrong answer, contestants received 25% more of their body weight in their drums. Even with a crucial prize — $5,000 or the ability to give a 1 lb. penalty to any player at the weigh-in … they let go one by one. Michelle was left standing, and would reveal her decision at the weigh-in.

The weigh-in was a DIRE disappointment. Promised something along the lines of “the most dramatic weigh-in in Biggest Loser history,” the big scandal seemed to be Coleen losing 3 lbs. When she and Jillian have an emotional encounter while Coleen is still on the scale (Coleen is fearful she’ll fail at home), Bob points out that there are still two more to weigh in. But Amy goes up and loses 8 lbs., pushing Coleen below the yellow line. Vicky loses 6 lbs., but with the 1 lb. penalty bestowed on her by Michelle, it’s not enough and she goes down too.

Like last week, the gang is given no time to deliberate before the elimination. Michelle reminds everyone at the table that Coleen “brings out the best in everybody.” Vicky, who doesn’t, said before the elimination that “it would be truly a shame if the game player got played by the game.” No, Vicky, it wouldn’t. It would be karma.

Unpredictable Amy lost any redeemable points by voting for Coleen and leaving the biggest, backstabbing, giant loser (Vicky’s lost 14 lbs. in two weeks, Amy!) there to pick her off next time. Amy apparently doesn’t realize that she is the first to go from the “Blue Team” out of Vicky, Heba and Ed.

Coleen leaves with aplomb, though she’s upset to be going before her work is done. Back at home, dad Jerry … looking slim in his police uniform — says, “She’s just an amazing kid.” Coleen’s reunion with her boyfriend was sweet: “My heart skipped a beat when I saw him,” she said. She’s gone from a size 22 pants to a 10, and hopes to be 147 lbs. at the finale. –Sara Hammel

Tell us what you think: Did Amy do the right thing keeping Vicky in the game? Will Vicky repay her loyalty or seek revenge for the previous week?

Craig Sjodin/ABC