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Why The Biggest Loser Is So Unpredictable

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Man did the Biggest Loser game change this week! When I told the contestants that they needed to put on their original shirts at the end of elimination, I could tell how freaked out they were.

Everyone has gotten so attached to their trainer and their teammates, but life on the Ranch is never predictable … or comfortable!

Anna made a really great point when she said none of the contestants are taking the trainers home at the end of the show and they can’t be so dependent on them. Reminding Joe, Ramon and Sunny that this was about their journey, and not about which trainer they’re working with, was exactly the reason the teams were switched up.

When we were figuring out new teams and how many calories are in every favorite meal, I have to say the plates were insane. The most shocking calorie count? Vinnie’s country fried breakfast of two eggs, bacon and chocolate gravy! It was actually one of the healthiest of the favorite meals at 1,747 calories. What was most disturbing to me was that a restaurant would serve Sunny a Mexican fiesta of enchiladas, refried beans and chips and salsa totaling 4,162 calories, and Joe would get the Italian sampler of Caesar salad, lasagna, pasta with meatballs and breadsticks totaling 2,975 calories!

That day we talked about knowing something is really bad for you, but choosing to ignore the facts because it’s “yummy” – and how we all do it. You don’t realize just how unhealthy something is – it just doesn’t seem possible that one “plate” of food could be this high in calories. But it’s true … restaurants often have a lot of other goals in mind, paying attention to our health and weight often isn’t one of them.

What’s up with the Blue team ro-sham-boing for the challenge? Over something so important? That was definitely a Biggest Loser first! I also loved the contestants getting out of the gym for their last-chance workout with their trainers. I loved Bonnie’s experience at Muscle Beach with Dolvett. How about Ramon doing a 180 from dreading having Anna as a trainer to embracing her and lifting her into the air after losing 16 lbs.?

There was a tie for the week’s favorite moment for me. John doing his “silent dance” on the scale after losing 15 lbs. with Dolvett as his new trainer was brilliant and so unexpected. And then when Vinnie showing off “The Worm” on the scale after losing 12 lbs., it became an instant favorite moment for me on the show. But let me just say that we are putting together some outtakes from this season for a special episode, airing right before Thanksgiving. So if you liked the comic relief – there’s a lot more where that came from!

As we watch the contestants on their journey, we each continue on our own by making the best food and exercise choices. This week my biggest challenge was the healthiest option when going to a hockey game (Kings vs. Devils). Knowing that the food wouldn’t be healthy and that I’d be coming from a long day of work, I made plans with my husband and our friends to meet for sushi before the game rather than eat a dinner of unhealthy snacks at the arena.

What healthy choices did you make this week?