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Biggest Loser: Alison Sweeney Felt 'Like a Boxing Referee'

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Well, it’s week two and any Biggest Loser fan knows that means a tough week for weight loss.

When I walked into the kitchen and told the contestants that the player with the highest percentage of weight loss on the winning team could give immunity to one person on the other team, I definitely had their attention.

I liked the way Kim and Emily stepped right up and offered to represent their teams. That kind of take-charge attitude is always so inspiring to me.

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When we got to the poker table, I thought we would be in the room for quite some time taking baby steps up until one team finally folded. Instead, Kim and Kimmy made a definite statement with a bid of 3.8 percent and I wondered what they were thinking.

Leaving the room, I knew Dolvett was going to be busy this week trying to make that number happen. As a fan, I couldn’t wait to see hear about his reaction. But it was even more extreme than I expected! The screaming, the writing on his team’s shirts and arms, the spray painting on the wall … Dolvett’s charming smile definitely wasn’t shining through his intensity this week.

From his years in the gym with Jillian, Bob is certainly used to intensity but do you think Dolvett got under his skin this week? Watching the dynamics between the two of them during last-chance workout, sitting at home on my sofa, I was even a bit on edge. What did you think?

I loved Bob’s moment with Chism. He is always so sincere and focused on their health, and earning Chism’s trust. He said, “You have two dads in this house now,” and I love that. So classic Bob.

Then when they got to the prison yard and Bob saw Gail sitting down, I knew what was coming next … a workout harder than his team could even imagine and a lesson taught to Gail. And that’s exactly what happened. I don’t think Gail will forget that day on campus for the rest of her life.

Another day none of us will forget was the week-two elimination room and the ups and downs with Mike in there. His entire team clearly was frustrated by his lack of effort in the gym. Plus, there was the issue between him and Conda that I’m glad got resolved by the end of the night (even though I did feel like a boxing referee in the midst of it).

With all that was packed into the week, the best result was at the end of elimination when Mike opened up about his feelings and then, after some hesitation, he agreed to quit nicotine. He shook on it so hopefully he’ll honor that promise.

My favorite moment of the week: Bob telling Chism that he has two dads on campus and that he will become a man on Biggest Loser. What’s your favorite moment of the week?