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Alison Sweeney Blogs About Final Days on Biggest Loser Ranch

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

As this season of The Biggest Loser comes to an end on campus, we all love to reflect on just how far the remaining contestants have come.

When we started the season and introduced the show that was going to tackle childhood obesity, many of you were skeptical.

Week after week, Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo inspired all of us and hopefully they inspired you. Their journey has been one of strength, bravery and celebration. To see them transform during the season and to gain self-confidence has been incredibly rewarding.

It was so great to hear from Dr. Joanna that Lindsay isn’t pre-diabetic anymore, that Sunny’s health concerns are now alleviated and that Biingo has lost 25 percent of his body weight. I can’t wait to see them and their families at finale.

While the kids inspired their parents to also get healthy, on campus it was Bob who inspired Jeff to live life to the fullest and realize his dad would be proud of him. The emotional exchange between the two of them was something none of us expected from Bob, but Jeff truly touched him in a meaningful way. I think both men are better now knowing the other.

When the remaining five adults went down their memory lanes, it was everything The Biggest Loser is about. Seeing the dramatic changes from where they were, and where they are now is the best – both during the last week on the Ranch and then when we see them at the live finale (Monday, 8 p.m. ET).

The Star Attraction by Alison Sweeney
After the warm fuzzies, it was off to the cold for the infamous “Put Back on the Weight” challenge. Each season, this challenge is means so much to the contestants because it truly is a chance for them to reflect on their accomplishments and how much weight they’ve lost – physically and emotionally – with each week on the Ranch. Joe and Danni had a competitive spirit but the sense of family was alive when all the contestants helped Gina complete finish the challenge.

At the final weigh-in, stress was at an all-time high … until Jeff revealed an 11-lb. weight loss and Danni matched him! The celebration and sheer elation felt by Jeff with Bob and Danni with Jillian was just magic.

Speaking of sheer elation, it’s time for a shameless personal plug: I’ve written my first novel and we just got the cover for it, so I wanted to share it with all of you first since we’ve spent so many weeks together on The Biggest Loser journey. This is a big personal accomplishment for me! I hope as we all focus on time with our families this summer, you will enjoy reading The Star Attraction and will keep it in your beach bag or by your bedside table.

Now back to the show! My favorite moment of the week: having a fun snowball fight with the contestants after their challenge and then enjoying cocktails with the crew before we headed home.