Alison Sweeney
December 07, 2011 08:00 AM

I have scoop for you! Train will be performing live next week on the season 12 finale of The Biggest Loser (9 p.m. ET)!

I’m sure you figured out by now that we have a new theme song this year. What you might not have known was that it was written and recorded by Train and will be a single on their upcoming album. They’ll perform the song in its entirety live for the first time on next Tuesday’s finale so make sure to tune in!

Also next week you will see the culmination of a long season of hard work from our contestants. Do you remember when they were broken into groups and told to run a mile to their trainer of choice? That seems like so long ago now because of the incredible transformations each contestant has experienced, and I love being along for the ride and celebrating their accomplishments.

When the contestants are on the Ranch, they are focused 100 percent on themselves and while they occasionally have an opportunity to see a loved one, the time spent together is incredibly limited. That’s why when the final four returned home and got the incredible welcomes from their friends and families it was so meaningful.

How incredible was Becky’s confidence as she walked into her school? Or Antone as he ran the stadium steps? Or Vinny as he took the stage in Nashville again? And how about John’s wife and kids as he walked into the gymnasium? Those were all such special moments, and hopefully they’ll serve to fuel each person’s fire – re-inspiring them again and again to continue to succeed. We all need those moments to see us through times of weakness or doubt, right? And how great is it these are on camera? They can watch them watch them whenever they want!

Once home, reality does set in for the contestants. I was proud of Vinny for talking with his mom about his feelings and working through them to become a stronger family. Doing that made his proposal even more special because it showed how much stronger of a person he’d become to assume that role of husband and stepdad.

Antone working out and using his kids as weights was awesome. I remember when I used to do arm curls and bench presses with Megan when she was little! Have you ever worked out with your kids as weights? I have some ideas in my book about that – as long as you’re careful, it can be a fun way to include your family in your health routine.

Okay, now to the marathon: I was so proud of how great all the contestants looked and how much work they’d done at home. It was great to see Jessica and Ramon come back happy together and pushing each other to be healthy. To see all of the contestants’ determination to finish the 26.2 miles was so inspiring that I’m now training for a marathon myself – I’ll be doing the L.A. Marathon in March!

Let me tell you the training is really hard and it makes me appreciate the success of these contestants even more. While not everyone was able to finish, I was so impressed by each and every one of them and their spirit. A big congrats to Ramon for winning the marathon and a spot in the final three!

In the end, it was really tough to see Becky and Vinny fall below the yellow line but they’re great contenders for the at-home prize of $100,000. Who do you think will win the at-home prize? Who do you think will be this season’s Biggest Loser?

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday to find out and don’t forget that Train will be performing! Can you tell how excited I am about that?

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