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Biggest Loser: Alison Sweeney Surprises Contestants with Makeovers

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

I’m on spring break with my family right now at Mayakoba in Mexico (this place is incredible and the kids are having a blast) but I wanted to check in with you all during this exciting two-part makeover on The Biggest Loser.

As you know, nothing is ever the same on our show from one season to the next. It was exciting this week to surprise the contestants with the First Lady Michelle Obama‘s invitation to the White House.

The week started out just like any other – with a challenge. We were cold, it was raining and the contestants were vying for a 1-lb. advantage on the scale – and to avoid the 1-lb. disadvantage. As I stood there trying to not have a reaction to anything, it really was hard to contain my laughter, as Conda could not figure out the slingshot.

At the end of the challenge, it was fun to surprise the contestants by announcing that they d made it to makeover week – a major milestone each season. I’m most excited for Chris to change her hair, Mark to get rid of his facial hair and to see everyone with their new looks. It’s also fun to surprise them with their families – particularly in such a iconic place as the White House.

Christine Pickler
Chris Haston/NBC; David Glesbrecht/NBC
Watching the remaining contestants reunite with their loved ones was so special. Conda, Kim, Chris, Buddy and Mark are all parents that can now be such great role models for their children. When Mark’s son saw him, and his mouth was wide open, that was a special moment. Then to see how much his “hot wife” loves him was also incredible. He has such support at home when he leaves campus and I’m so glad he’ll be returning as a healthier man for his kids and his wife. Then, to see the difference in Chris was incredible – she really did look 20 years younger!

My favorite moment of the week: The smile on Buddy’s face and the emotion from Kim when she was reunited with her kids. Those are the moments that make me love my job – to see people change their lives in such positive ways, thanks to all they learn on the show.

Be sure to watch next week for the rest of the reveals, and a special workout with Mrs. Obama – I hear Dolvett and Bob really made her sweat!