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Biggest Loser: Families Recap: Is Brady Playing Weight Games?

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Craig Sjodin/ABC

Trainer Bob cut to the chase quickly in the opener of this week’s Biggest Loser, blurting out what we were all thinking: “I don’t believe his three-pound weight loss.” He was talking about big Brady of the Blue Team, who dropped a suspicious 3 lbs. last week.

Vicky’s eyes widened innocently as she assured Bob there was no game play involved: “I would not have done that. I swear to you.”

But Sherlock Bob shook his head, deducing, “It doesn’t add up.” In the end he took Brady’s word, who said he hasn’t been eating enough. Still, at least he wasn’t taken in by Vicky, whom he called “the biggest game player that’s ever walked in this house. She’s Shakespearean.”

Come temptation time, magazine-land’s hot-yet-awkward Dave Zinczenko, editor of Men’s Health, popped by to help. He presented them with such health dilemmas as: Hot dogs or nachos and fake cheese? Pasta or pasta with sausage? The Blue Team wins this one (go with the hot dog every time, Dave says), and we assume Vicky deemed it worth “trying” for since the prize was a 40-lb. advantage that would help them at the challenge. No one is privy to what this means, but it certainly sounded good.

Before the challenge, Heba and Brady stormed in on the Black Team’s dinner, accusing Phil of dissing Heba to Brady last week. Phil looked shell-shocked and tells the camera: “I had no idea this controversy had been brewing. Whatever Brady took back to Heba was completely blown out of proportion.”

Who to believe? Here’s a clue: “There’s only room for one rooster in this hen house, and it’s me,” a smarmy Brady — one of only two dudes left on the ranch — tells the camera.

Michelle led the charge to comfort Phil and pledged the Black Team’s support, while aptly labeling their enemy the Blue Monster.

On to the challenge, where teams were suspended 50 feet in the air across from one another and ordered to hold their own weight via a rope attached to a complex pulley system. Black was carrying an extra 40 lbs. thanks to Blue’s temptation win. Poor Coleen, terrified of heights, quivered, “My heart is beating in my throat.” They were all holding on for dear life since the winner of the challenge gets to pick a member on the opposing team whose weight will not count at this week’s weigh-in.

It proved too much for Phil, who gave up and let his rope go while Brady, steely-eyed, held tight to his. The Blue Monster wins its first challenge as a team.

At the weigh-in, Michelle’s weight-loss–a paltry 2 lbs.–is counted out by the Black Team. Renee loses 3 lbs., Coleen 2 lbs. and Phil 3 lbs. Then Brady hops on the scale and registers a 13-lb. loss, more than enough for the Blue Team to win. Bob tells Brady he deserves it, but Michelle’s no dummy, telling the camera: “There’s a good chance Brady’s been playing some weight-loss games with us. We got played last week.”

Amy (legitimately) loses 6 lbs., making her the season’s biggest loser to date.

This meant the Black Team had to send one of their own home. Renee offered a hint of who it was going to be before the elimination: “Phillip’s heart is at home with Amy.” Phil indeed gets the boot and cried bittersweet tears before he left. “I think I’m ready,” he admitted.

Back in South Carolina, we see Phil propose to his wife Amy again for their 20th anniversary, and they renew their vows while Phil slides his wedding ring on for the first time in 15 years. In the “after” video, Phil’s slimmed way down and says he’s aiming to be 175 lbs. at the finale. –Sara Hammel

Tell us: Are Brady and Vicky playing weight-loss games, or was his 3 lb. loss legitimate as Bob seemed to believe?

Craig Sjodin/ABC