Alison Sweeney
September 28, 2011 08:40 AM

First of all, I loved reading all of your comments about the first episode of The Biggest Loser season 12. I’m so glad Dianne L. Finnegan thought it was “the best episode I’ve seen so far on any BL show!” And thanks to so many of you for the compliments! Also so glad you’re liking new trainers Dolvett and Anna.

Now onto this episode: Let’s start with the temptation. Really Joe? And Johnny? It was so hard for me to not crack up over Johnny’s sound effects. Did he really think he was fooling anyone that he was eating? Despite my best efforts (at one point I was digging my fingernails into my palm to try not to laugh), to remain serious, I cracked a few times. I was never happier to have time up than during that temptation. Those were the most unbelievable sounds I’ve ever heard on The Biggest Loser – or ever! We might see those clips on The Soup!

Then, when I was watching the workouts I was dying again thanks to Bob! First, it was the fact that he had to be up so early to train, then that he called John “Donut,” and finally how funny he was in that first workout. “Bizarro Bob” – as Joe called him – was hilarious to watch. And Bob’s “Good Morning” song should be an alert on my phone.

Despite the humor in the episode, it did get serious when John ate 37 donuts in three minutes. My heart broke for him when he realized what he’d done. But in the end, he really learned a lot because of the choices he made in that moment. Besides the donuts, he made a comment about the older group, saying, “I respect them,” but said nothing about the younger group. That took us all by surprise. Between that and calling Sunny, “dumb as poo,” John had quite a week of having to own his words and his actions and to suffer the consequences for his bad choices.

Another moment that really got to me was watching Antone on the bike with Bob. To see someone so strong truly break down was tough to watch. But then we got to see Bob do what he does best – provide tough love. He knows when to push and when to stop and when talk. The combination is why he’s so incredible as a trainer and as a person.

How about Patrick saying, “A crazy switch goes off in his [Dolvett’s] head” when he gets in the gym? He was super intense this week but I think it resonated with his young team. I haven’t had a chance to workout with Dolvett yet but somehow I think he’d scream and push me as he does his contestants to tap into my competitive spirit. Honestly, I’m excited to work out with him. I will let you know how it goes!

This episode had so many great moments and the above are only a few. What were your favorite moments and the ones that touched you the most? What did you think of this week’s challenge? How about Bob’s reaction to Antone’s weight loss?

Make sure to tune in for NFL week – it will be a don’t-miss episode. Having Drew Brees, Tim Teebow, Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzalez and more on the show is insane. And they’re all fans of The Biggest Loser!

Until next week!

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