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Alison Sweeney: Bethany Hamilton Embodies Biggest Loser's 'No Excuses' Theme

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Aloha from Hawaii!

This season of The Biggest Loser has been incredibly intense, so taking a break from the Ranch in Hawaii could not have come at a better time. Once we landed in Hawaii, you could see renewed energy from the contestants, but they also started retreating back into their old habits of not being focused on their goal of getting in healthy.

When they met surfer Bethany Hamilton, I think each of them had an “aha” moment. Before them was a gorgeous woman, who didn’t let losing an arm take her down. She found a way to continue doing what she loved and exemplifies our theme of “no excuses.” After hearing Bethany talk, it was fun to watch the contestants and Dolvett learn to surf, and for the contestants to conquer another fear and realize all they had accomplished.

That feeling lasted until the challenge, when it was back to game playing.

For the second straight week, Jeremy helped his sister to win a challenge and its reward. This time the reward wasn’t the fun of shopping – it was much bigger: immunity for the week. What Jeremy did for his sister was one way to play the game, and as long as he has the confidence in himself to not need the rewards, it seems to be working to keep them both in the game.

A Weigh-In in Paradise

The trip ending with a weigh-in at Pearl Harbor was very cool for the contestants, crew and me. To see the memorial to the U.S.S. Arizona and the enormity of the U.S.S. Missouri was another awesome moment in my treasure of Biggest Loser memories.

As the weigh-in transpired, it was interesting to see some of the contestants relieved not to lose weight, instead of focused on how much weight they did lose. Mark’s hitting the 200-lb. point was a great moment, though I know he wanted to break into the 100s. For Kim, after feeling the target on her back all week, losing 5 lbs. clearly was a huge relief for her. In the end, it was mother versus daughter, and a mother again sacrificed her time on the Ranch to save her child.

My favorite moment of the week – I have to admit – was watching Dolvett learn to surf. It made me laugh out loud. He is always so in control, and to see him not excel at something was refreshing. And then, of course, he figured it out and exceled.

On a personal note, the best thing for me about this trip was combining work with a family vacation. Dave, Ben and Megan all came with me to Hawaii, and when I wasn’t shooting the show, it was awesome to play in the ocean with them, build sandcastles and have a date night with my husband in paradise.