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Patrick Gomez
March 01, 2013 09:00 AM

Alexandra “Alex” Reid may have struggled to keep up with her fellow Biggest Loser contestants on the ranch, but at home she is thriving and happier than ever.

“It’s a lot easier being at home to just focus on you and the goal at hand,” Reid told reporters about being sent home from the competition.

Reid, 24, was voted out after losing 8 lbs. on the scale – one pound less than she needed to be safe from the threat of elimination.

“That was heartbreaking – to know that you gave it your all,” the legal assistant said on Tuesday. “It went back to my story of my best not being good enough.”

From dropping out of her friend’s wedding days before the ceremony because she didn’t want to stand next to the other, smaller bridesmaids, to growing up with a skinnier mother and sister, Reid has spent her entire life comparing herself to others and feeling inadequate.

“Growing up I was told, ‘You have such a pretty face,’ ” she said. “But I didn’t see that because I had my mom and my sister by my side. It’s like, ‘I’m overweight so there’s no way I can be beautiful.’ ”

Reid’s struggle to accept her best as good enough was compounded on the ranch by the trainers, she explained.

“[Trainer Jillian Michaels] would say, ‘Alex, you’re not running as fast as Danni,’ or ‘You’re not keeping up with Francelina,’ ” Reid said. “I would have to tell her, ‘Jill that’s what I am trying to get away from!’ ”

Now back at home in Carrolton, Texas, Reid no longer feels the pressures of comparison and has successfully shed 70 lbs. since beginning her Biggest Loser journey.

“I basically just work as hard as I can,” Reid said of her spending up to 4 hours a day, 6 days a week at the gym. “I try and take my [records] on the ranch and beat those. I take every episode and what I didn’t overcome that week and turn it in to my workout now.”

With her newfound confidence, Reid is preparing to take the LSAT, with plans to become a lawyer. And her days of feeling inadequate when shopping for clothes with her mother are over – they are now the same size!

“I no longer let the judgment of other people bother me like it used to in the past,” she said. “I know that as long as I give it my all that my best is good enough.”

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