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October 26, 2009 12:00 AM

After spending three months in a house of backstabbers, liars, and cheats, Big Brother‘s dazzling duo Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder apparently haven’t had enough. The newly-minted couple will try their hand at scripted subterfuge with a pair of cameo roles on CBS’s daytime stalwart The Bold and the Beautiful. From BB to B&B. What is it about that abbreviation that these kids just can’t get enough of?

Needless to say, not even the antics of their former housemates Russell and Chima could prepare these two for their daytime debut. “Oh my God!” Jordan tells PEOPLE, “I was so scared! I’ve never acted or anything like that. I only had one line, but I was like, ‘Please get this right, don’t mess up!'”

As for Jeff, cooler heads were prevailing. That is, at least until the 30-year-old got a look at the wardrobe. “It was an ’80s flashback,” he tells PEOPLE with a groan. “So I was wearing a vest attached to my shirt, and black pants with glitter thrown in there. I looked like a pirate, and not a cool pirate, but like a five-dollar costume you buy just before Halloween at the grocery store.”

To make matters worse was the wardrobe department’s attention to detail. “I even had to wear penny loafers,” Jeff says with a laugh, “with the pennies stuck in the front of them!”

And even though her nerves were getting the better of her, Jordan rose to the occasion in the end, just like she did in the BB house. “Part of my line was, ‘You’re big brother Storm will be so proud,'”Jordan says, “but I kept wanting to say, ‘You’re big brother Earl.’ It just sounded right to me, but I ended up nailing it in the first try.”

Not as fortunate as Jordan? Her “pirate” boyfriend, who needed a couple takes to get his line right. “Jordan was really nervous, and I wasn’t,” Jeff says, “and I’m the one that ends up flubbing his line. Go figure.”

The Bold and the Beautiful episode featuring Jeff and Jordan airs Tuesday, Oct. 27 on CBS.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

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