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September 14, 2009 12:00 AM

Despite having their boorish, childish and often threatening behavior videotaped for our amusement, there is one saving grace that the Big Brother house guests of season 11 can cling to. No matter how obscenely they acted out (this means you Chima), they are no Kayne West. Sunday’s clip show leading to the season finale proved to be a long, hard look into what may very well be the downfall of Western civilization. Back-biting, back-dooring, rants, raves, slurs and ample slurring, with a generous sprinkling of lies and lust to add spice to the mix, this season seemed to have it all. Keep reading for a countdown of the high/low-lights captured on camera. –Reagan Alexander

10. Jessie loving some Jessie: Even with two women in his HOH bed, the bodybuilder took narcissism to a level never before seen on BB. Jessie, your Momma may be proud of your “Moments of greatness,” but your ego-inflating stories only induce narcolepsy.

9. Casey the Chiquita Banana: Honestly, how can you not love a six-ft. banana? Deejay Mingle-Mix took Fruit of the Room to a whole new level, with mixed results.

8. The Mongoose on the Rat: Russell showed his true colors when he set his beady eyes on gaming-geek Ronnie. Somewhere George Lucas shed a tear.

7. The tattooed lady goes Psycho: Despite her initial aversion to the musclebound Jessie, Lydia showed a darker and far creepier side when she snuck into the reigning HOH’s bed just to watch him sleep.

6. The weeping: After Jessie was bounced from the house, Chima, Natalie and Lydia spent an evening bemoaning the loss of the object of their mutual affection. “And do you know that he would pray for all of us, all of the time?” Lydia asked. Thank you Kevin, for your one moment of honesty, when you rolled your eyes and connected with a nation of thirteen-year-old girls by saying, “OMG!”

5. Michele’s night terrors: BB After Dark should hire a therapist. You can wake your housemates with your moaning, but please, please, leave “Daddy” out of it.

4. Russell versus Jordan: Implants aside, it was the chest bump that was heard around the world.

3. Lydia-O-Lydia: Throw in a bottle of champagne! Our tattooed lady did her best to get thrown into the Jury House by threatening Michele with fisticuffs. We must have missed the chapter in the Rules of Etiquette that covered the slurred, “Come over here and we’ll see who is the bigger woman!”

2. Coup d’etat: Need we say more?

1. Hiro-Chima: Microphone meet pool, Diva meet the door. She came, she saw, she annoyed. Sonja Flemming/CBS

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