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Big Brother: The Banana Splits!

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Sonja Flemming/CBS(2)

Jordan said it herself. “I’m the greatest pawn ever!” BB history usually dictates that the pawn goes home, but never before has there been a pawn like Jordan. For the second week in a row, not only did the buxom waitress survive, she did it without lifting a finger!

You could put the Dalai Lama up on the eviction block alongside Jordan and His Holiness would end up packing his saffrons and heading back to Tibet.

Poor affable Casey saw the light at the end of the tunnel and never realized that it was actually a train bearing down on him. Forced to wear a banana suit and then backstabbed by Jessie, DJ Mingle Mix took his seat on the block in a state of shock. “I looked around,” he said, “and I didn’t see any outrage! Didn’t we have a plan?”

There was a plan, Casey, but you just weren’t a part of it. “Teflon Ron” had struck again.

Turns out that the rat had made so many enemies that Jessie no longer saw him as a threat. In a moment of remarkable clarity, the usually passive Jordan may have put it best when she said in the diary room, “Ronnie, the only reason why you are still here, is because you are Jessie’s b—-!”

Here’s hoping that Casey left the BB House with an endorsement deal with Chiquita Banana because his exit speech did that funny yellow fruit proud. Casey blasted away at the two that needed it most: Jessie, and Ronnie. Assured of his exit from the house, Casey called Ronnie, “a manipulative dork-a-pottamus, with a ‘God Complex.'” And then he turned his sights on Jessie, calling the reigning HOH, “a self-absorbed egomaniac, with a collective personality, and I.Q. of, ironically enough, a banana.”

You almost could see the steam coming out of Jessie’s ears. Ronnie just chuckled, baring what appeared to be a new set of fangs.

Casey’s exit was a forgone conclusion, but the shocker of the evening came well before the eviction ceremony. Early in the episode, Lydia was caught in what may be the creepiest BB moment ever. She crept into the HOH room, curled up alongside a sleeping, snoring Jessie and watched him as he slept.

“I like to watch Jessie sleep,” she admitted. “Maybe he’s dreaming about baby unicorns, maybe he’s dreaming about riding his motorcycle.” Cue the Psycho music, as Lydia then added, “I really hope that Jessie never makes me mad because I could do whatever I wanted while he’s sleeping. I could get revenge.”

Tell us: What did you think of last night’s elimination episode? What’s up with Lydia?Sonja Flemming/CBS(2)