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Patrick Gomez
July 19, 2012 08:00 AM

It’s the blondes versus the boys!

Just four episodes into season 14 of Big Brother, this season’s coaches have already divided into two teams. “Britney and I are leading the witch hunt against Dan and Boogie,” Janelle summed up in the diary room during Wednesday’s episode.

And with Britney’s player Willie as head of household, the women were holding all the cards going into the veto competition.

“So, who needs to go home?” Britney asked Janelle as they held court in the HoH room. “It’s a toss-up.” With Dan’s player Kara and Boogie’s player Frank on the block, the two boys were not going down without a fight.

“Dan and I have won this game. Those girls are kind of the also-rans,” Boogie said. “It would be embarrassing if they ran us out of this house.”

For the veto competition, Big Brother sent the houseguests to the Laundromat. With Kara and Wil falling victim to bad aim, and Danielle “choking on detergent,” the competition came down to Shane, Frank and Willie.

Shane ultimately won the veto and solidified Britney’s players as the power team in the house. But just because her team had the power did not mean Britney was making all the calls. “I have a lot of thinking to do,” Shane confessed after Britney requested he not use the veto. “I won it, and this is an individual game.”

Shane used his newfound power as a chance to flirt with Kara, saying, “The way we work out, we’re top notch.” Despite attempting to make deals with pretty much everyone in the house, Shane eventually decided to follow his coach’s advice and keep the nominations the same.

And so the first vote of the season will come down to Kara versus Frank, or as Boogie put it, “Boogie versus Dan.”

“I’m pretty sure pretty little Kara is going to be sashaying out this house,” Boogie said of the impending vote.

But Dan is gearing up for a fight as well. “I gotta do whatever it takes to throw the 42-year-old, second-rate Chill Town member under the bus so Kara can stay in the game,” Dan said of his new adversary, Boogie.

So, who will go home? The votes will be cast live on CBS Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

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