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Big Brother Recap: Libra Heads Home in a Unanimous Ouster

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In the end, it was Keesha that sent Libra packing.

Thursday saw Libra evicted from the BB house in an overwhelming vote of 0-to-6. Libra’s hoped for “miracle” never manifested itself, and the outspoken mother of three openly wept as she made her way out of the BB house. But was it any surprise that Libra would be going home? She had admittedly made no friends in the BB house.

Listen Up Good: With Libra’s eviction, a new HoH had to be chosen. The challenge? The remaining contestants had to guess if a series of quotes presented to them were actually said by the evicted houseguests in a challenge called Dairy Room Confessions. A bemused Renny, it turns out is a good listener, becoming this week’s new HoH over Keesha. Now that she holds the keys to the future of her fellow houseguests, don’t expect the faithful New Orleans native to turn her back on the one friend that she claims to have in the treacherous BB house–um, The Colonel. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Are you glad Libra got sent packing? Who do you think Renny will target for eviction?