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July 30, 2008 12:00 AM

The last episode ended with Angie seemingly accepting her fate on the chopping block, but who would have guessed that fellow eviction nominee Jessie could remain so indignant for so long?

Following Sunday’s nomination ceremony, Jessie first hit the confessional to vow revenge upon the entire household. “If I make it through this week,” he swore, “There will be some unhappy campers!”

Jessie couldn’t hide his bewilderment at being nominated for eviction (telling close ally–and pedicure pal–Michelle, “We had a plan! When did it change?!”). So after spending the better part of the first seven episodes maxing on his relaxing, Jessie set about circling the Team B.A. wagons around himself and Angie–and focusing his anger on the cunning Libra. Next whistle stop on the “Jessie crazy train,” a private audience with Keesha in her chambers, where he did his best to convince the reigning HoH that she had targeted the wrong for eviction. “Libra is working everybody,” he said. “She was the one telling me to put up Steven and Dan!… Her word is worth nothing!”

Jessie’s desperate plea seemed to strike a cord with the now confused HoH. The weight of this information seemed to leave Keesha questioning her allegiances, and even her place in the BB house.

Garden of Veto: Last night’s Veto Competition was a sadistic combination of gardening gone wild and Chinese water torture. The game rules: strap on a skintight flower costume, lay down on a flower bed and have cold water sprinkled on you forehead while the remaining house guests poured rotting garbage and live earthworms around your body. Keesha, Angie and Jessie led the chosen trio of Ollie, Memphis and Libra in a six-person test of wills for the coveted PoV.

Animal-loving Keesha was the first to bug out, later confessing that earthworms are “actually, one of my biggest nightmares.” As the hour-mark approached, Libra pulling herself out of the competition to not overshoot the hour mark. Jessie immediately followed suit, leaving Ollie to wrangle with Team B.A. minions Angie and Memphis.

When the dust and the stench cleared, it was Keesha who walked away with the PoV. Her worm phobia turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the reigning HoH pulled out of the hour-long competition after only 22 minutes, not only with her HoH intact, but with the coveted PoV medallion slung around her neck.

Boss, Boss… Da Plane!: Each season seems to have it’s share of fly-bys. Last night a plane with a banner tried to make a pass at the household, with Team B.A. being the only group outside to witness its aborted pass. The message was unreadable, but that didn’t stop Team B.A. from concocting a plan to fool the fellow house guests into thinking that ousted member Steven had sent the following missive: “Libra’s a Liar, Heart Steven.” No surprise, no one actually fell for the lame ploy. What was more shocking was that Team B.A. couldn’t come up with a more plausible message.

Our banner message suggestions: 1. “Jerry, please wear sleeves for the love of America” 2. “Dan, please don’t come back, love, your students” 3. “Renny, don’t come back, love, New Orleans”

Don’t You Dare Call Memphis a “Womanizer”: Memphis caught wind that Jerry had called him a “womanizer.” He quickly cast off his veneer of cool to put the 75-year-old grandfather in his place. Maybe no one told Memphis what a “womanizer” actually is, because the way that he acted, Jerry might as well have called him a pedophile. (Watch a clip of their showdown.)

With Ollie restraining him, Memphis repeatedly–and pathetically–tried to get at Jerry, screaming, “Are you out of your mind, old man! Come here and say that to my face!” (No one in the HoH room chose to point out to Memphis that Jerry had actually already said ‘it” to his face.) As Memphis was pulled away by Ollie, he threatened Jerry, “You wanna see me get real? I’m really real!”

The PoV Ceremony: Keesha held all of the cards, and true to her word, the blonde bombshell never wavered. Though a liability to the newly-formed alliance, Libra was saved from the chopping block, with Keesha choosing not to use her Power of Veto on either Angie or Jessie.

With the switch to Thursday as the new eviction night, the players have an extra evening to hear and be heard. Jessie may have exhausted himself in his play to stay on board, but Angie’s early dealings with Brian may still haunt her. One-time allies Jessie and Angie now find themselves campaigning against one another. –Reagan Alexander

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