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August 31, 2009 12:00 AM

Big Brother isn’t just a game, it’s also a house of learning. Lauren learned that a Baby Gap bikini and a smile will only get you so far. Casey learned that being liked, actually makes you disliked. Russell (hopefully) learned that he needs medication. Although he repeated a grade, Jessie seemed to learn only to love himself more and as for Chima, well, the lessons are too numerous to list. This time around, it was Jeff‘s turn in the BB classroom and the lesson was as simple as it was painful: Being “100 percent safe” in this house is 100 percent impossible.

Jeff’s plan was a solid one: Use the POV on Kevin to boot the dangerous and unpredictable Russell from the house and more importantly, ensure that neither Kevin or Natalie would come gunning for him in the near future.

Part one was a rousing success as the house breathed a collective sigh of relief when Russell moved on to torment the rest of the jury. As for part two? Unfortunately for Jeff, Kevin really is a man of his word, as long as that word is “me.” He pulled off a mini coup of his own by winning the latest HOH competition and then taking advantage of Jeff’s one glaring weakness — hubris.

“Kevin and Natalie said they wouldn’t put me up if they won HOH,” a relaxed and confident Jeff boasted. “According to everybody, I’m 100 percent safe!”

Imagine Jeff’s surprise when he got the closest thing BB has come to a break-up speech. “You’re not going to like what I have to say,” Kevin said. “It comes down to numbers, Jeff. It comes down to strictly logic, strictly the smartest move. I have to put up you and Michele.” To his credit, Kevin made it seem like his was a difficult decision. But in the end, it was a no-brainer.

At this point of the game, the strategy is to keep your enemies close and the weakest players even closer. Kevin put up the two (besides himself) that were the strongest players. Jeff represents a “triple-threat” and Michele, though unpopular and an easy target, is a wild-card with a PhD. Getting rid of either one would be a victory.

If Kevin goes to the final two with either Natalie or Jordan, who would the jury vote played the best? Natalie has survived despite not winning a single competition. She is more garnish than she is gamer. Jordan, bless her heart and her flashes of competence, has cornered the BB “deer in the headlights” market.

With the numbers whittled down to five, the upcoming POV is more important than ever. Michele seems intent on weeping her way through the rest of the week and Natalie is smug in her assertion that she has lasted this long without getting any blood on her hands. Jeff has had a rude awakening, but it may have come too late to save him from an uncomfortable stay with Russell in the jury house.

If the rest of the house is being taken to school, it’s Kevin who is driving that yellow BB bus. –Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Will Kevin’s back-stabbing come back to haunt him? Who do you want to win the POV? How long will it be before Kevin turns on Natalie?Sonja Flemming/CBS(2)

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