Patrick Gomez
August 12, 2012 09:00 AM

The first two times Janelle Pierzina played Big Brother she placed third, but this time she was not as lucky. Pierzina was back-doored onto the chopping block Wednesday and by Thursday’s live eviction, the hard-working blonde bombshell knew she was going out the door. The morning after her eviction, the new mom, 32, spoke to PEOPLE about why she loved being a coach, what she thinks of the other coaches and why she is actually happy to leave the house so early in the season.

You said you were shocked by your nomination.
I knew [it meant] I was probably going to be leaving this week. I knew there had obviously been a deal made. I figured Boogie was pitching Frank to join an alliance with Brit and Dan but I thought, “I’m definitely known to be pretty loyal to the people I am working with so how can they be so dumb to go with Boogie? Why would they want to take that gamble?”

Why do you think they did align with him?
A lot of times – I hate to say it – it sucks to be a “fan favorite” in that house because players will use that against you. They get super nervous about twists in the game. They also knew I was probably a much more likeable coach than Boogie and if I were to go further in this game, I stood a good shot to win the money rather than Boogie. Also, they might have been scared because I’m known to be super competitive so I could have saved myself if I were nominated.

Did you expect Wil and Ashley to vote against you after they said they would not?
I didn’t think I would get any votes. What was shocking to me was the constant lying to me about trying to keep me. Why not let me know, “We don’t have the votes,” or “You’re gone?” It was the constant “You’re staying, don’t worry” that upset me. Dan was the only person that kind of let me know I was for sure leaving.

What did you think of the coaches twist?
I love that I got to give advice to new players in the game and I loved all the information I would get every day of what was going on in the house. As a coach I always knew what was going on in the house. As a player though it targeted me.

What did you think of the other coaches?
I definitely like Dan’s game the best. I think he plays pretty much a flawless game. Boogie is just such an emotional player and he is super vindictive in the game but I think that will come back to bite him in the butt. Britney is just so wishy-washy.

Any part of you happy to leave the house and return home to you husband and 7-month-old daughter Violet?
I am so thankful. I always told people if it was in the cards that I lose Big Brother 14 I would rather lose before jury than be the first or second person in jury and have even have more time away from my family and still lose. I have a great life with my family back in Minnesota – my husband and my daughter. I love being a mom and a wife. It is awesome. I am happy.

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