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Big Brother Finale: Dan Is The Man!

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Thirteen complete strangers walked into the BB house, and after 71 days, 11 evictions and 27 competitions, all that was left were two Renegade players–Dan and Memphis–and one shot at $500,000.

When the final votes were counted, always-shifty Dan was showered with the confetti of BB victory. Dan, the man with the plan, walked away with one more zero on his giant check than his Renegade partner, which meant Dan played the BB game exactly as it should be played: to win at any cost.

And Dan won by a landslide vote of 7-0.

Initially, the Jury House was split, with Keesha and Renny aiming to displace the all-too-confident Memphis. Meanwhile, Ollie and April focused their ire on Dan. But with half-a-million on the line, the player who played it “straight’ was the person to beat. True to his word, Memphis chose the high road, using his out-going speech to pump up his flagging status as a “straight shooter.” But Renny’s $500,000 dollar question–what did you do for me?–had left the self-proclaimed mixologist in fits. His stuttering response sealed his fate. “I knew he couldn’t answer it.” Renny later boasted, “I believe that it exposed him and what kind of person that he was, and I think that it had a great impact on the rest of the Jury. It made them question what he did for everyone in the game”

Dan, however, made it clear: Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Taking a page out of his BB textbook, he said: “I’m going to tell them BB is a game, Monopoly is a game, dice is a game…. Study the game as hard as you can. If you have a test, study the material as hard as you can. Don’t cheat, but stay within the confines of the rules of whatever it is you are trying to do. In the BB house, there were no rules that say that you can’t lie, and that you can’t backstab. No rule said that you can’t lie, and that you can’t backstab, and I stayed within the rules, played as hard as I could, and I won.”

For a guy who had no qualms in playing the BB game, Dan did have one regret. “In the classroom, I’m pretty stern and serious, but in the BB house it was an excuse to act like a little kid,” he said. “I did alot of things that I may have done as a third-grader, in that I may have gone from the stern teacher to the goofy teacher.” Goofy? Well, Mr. Half-a-Mil could have fooled us. –Reagan Alexander