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Reagan Alexander
September 15, 2010 05:00 PM

Britney Haynes can’t seem to catch a break. The Big Brother contestant left her home and her fiancé for three months in the hopes of winning $500,000. Last week, she was the latest “evictim” – and when she finally emerges from the sequestered Jury House, it appears the plucky blonde will be going from a communal house of crazy to no house at all.

Reports out of Arkansas say that the home that Britney shares with her fiancé, Nick Grisham, was severely damaged in a fire early Wednesday morning, hours before the 22-year-old was to appear on the live finale of the CBS reality show.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Grisham was able to rescue the couple s two dogs from the blaze, but it s going to be a rough welcome home for Britney, who has spent the last three months cut off from the outside world.

The producers of the CBS reality show have yet to issue a statement and didn’t respond to requests for comment, but Britney s future mother-in-law, Laura Grisham, told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that her son was in contact with production and it’s been decided that Britney will be kept in the dark, for now. “He told them what happened, and they agreed they wouldn’t say anything to Britney,” she says. “She can’t do anything, the final show is tonight and it’s live. There s no sense in her knowing.”

The hotel sales manager survived numerous challenges, feuds among the cast, being handcuffed to another contestant and even won $10,000 in a luxury competition before being blindsided by the power alliance called the Brigade.

With reports citing the cause of the blaze as an untended backyard grill, and damages estimated at $50,000, it looks like Britney s fiancé has some explaining to do before their bittersweet homecoming.

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